About The Peace Crane

The Crane is symbolically known as 'The Bird of Happiness' and is associated with good health, long life and prosperity.  

Throughout history, animals have been viewed to possess special values and have been graced with meanings often derived from legends and stories which have survived over many generations. 

The origami crane is now a symbol of good health, hope and peace following the heart warming story of Sadako, an eleven year old Japanese girl who fell ill with Leukaemia after an atomic bomb was dropped on her village.  Whilst in hospital, a friend of Sadakos' told of a Japanese legend which says that anyone who folds one thousand cranes will be granted a wish from the gods.  Sadako passed away before she completed one thousand cranes but her spirit, courage and determination is truly inspiring.

When life becomes challenging, it’s not always easy to know which way to turn to restore balance, peace of mind and harmony.  The Peace Crane aims to provide direction to help get back on the right path.  Solutions can be found through positive and inspirational literature, colour, crystals, sound, smell, yoga and through many more alternative channels.

The mind is powerful and our thoughts and emotions are linked to our body’s physical health.  We can fall ill yet medical tests can conclude that there is nothing wrong, then, over time when emotions are balanced the physical symptoms are restored. Maintaining a positive train of thought is key to a healthy mind and body.

Yoga forms a strong link within The Peace Crane.  With a firm belief of the benefits which Yoga offers, re-establishing the connection between the mind, body and spirit to embark upon a truly balanced life. 

Our range of beautiful well being and yoga inspired products include Yoga Figurines, Crystals, Himalaylan Salt Lamp & Tea Light Holders, Spiritual Quotations, Chakra Jewellery and Scarves, Flower Jewellery, Lavender Filled Eye Pillows, Aroma Diffusers and the purest of Fragrant Essential Oils, Mudra Art, Meditation and Sanskrit Mantra Candles, a selection of our most recommended books and cd's and direct affiliate links to Hay House, a world leader in Mind Body and Spirit.

The Peace Crane's message is to trust the process of life and when things don't always feel like they are working in your favour, be there for yourself, learn to love yourself and support yourself during those challenging times and above all just trust that all is well.